Vetama Ambulance

Vetama Veterinary Ambulance

Get an on-demand veterinary ambulance right to you.

All ambulances are operated by licensed veterinary professionals who can provide critical evaluation and transporttion to the hospital.

"We were very pleased with the service in a very stressful time and would use them again (hoping we do not need to of course) but would highly recommend"
- April R., Vetama Ambulance Las Vegas Client

How it works

1) Locate your nearest Vetama ambulance

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2) Contact the location

When you have found the location nearest you, contact them to discuss services, pricing, and ETA.

3) Get an ambulance dispatch

Confirm your address and contact information and get an ambulance dispatch.

Vetama Ambulance

For hospitals

Need patient transport?

Vetama Ambulance can provide transport for your patients. Whether they need help getting into your clinic or need to be transferred to another hospital, Vetama Ambulance is here to help.


How much does it cost?
How long does it take?
Who is operating the ambulance?
What are the uses?
Where will my pet be taken?
Can I request a simple transport?
The founders
The founders

Our Story

Vetama was founded by two veterinarians and a technician with the vision of providing immediate, convenient care to pet owners, 24/7.

The founders met two additional technicians in Las Vegas, NV with the same vision in 2023. After developing a relationship, Vetama Ambulance was born.

Today, Vetama offers pet owners 24/7 veterinarian triage telehealth and emergency veterinary ambulance dispatch.